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The Moto3 class season ends in Valencia. Joan Mir is the World Champion 2017. Congrats to Leopard Team.



Aron Canet (Estrella Galicia 0,0) came out on top in a clash of the Moto3™ titans at Silverstone, with an incredible freight train of frontrunners throughout the race – covering almost the entire field – and the race then Red Flagged on the last lap following an incident on track. Canet’s teammate Enea Bastianini took second and returned to the podium for the first time this season, ahead of another impressive top finish for Jorge Martin (Del Conca Gresini Moto3). The rider taken to the Medical Center following the Red Flag incident was Juanfran Guevara (RBA BOE Racing Team), with the team confirming thereafter that he escaped injury.



Mir wins three-way thriller in Germany

Joan Mir (Leopard Racing) took a hard-earned victory at the Sachsenring, as the Championship leader made his move on the final lap to hold it over the line after a three-way fight for the win. Romano Fenati (Marinelli Rivacold Snipers) took second, with Marcos Ramirez (Platinum Bay Real Estate) completing the podium for his first rostrum finish in the World Championship. Mir got away in the lead after a good start from the front row, with Ramirez chasing the Championship leader down and soon striking to take over in the lead. Fenati then slotted into third, with rookie Tony Arbolino (SIC58 Squadra Corse) staying up in the fight - and polesitter Aron Canet (Estrella Galicia 0,0) the man to lose out most in the opening laps, dropping a number of positions.



Comeback kid: Canet takes a classic at the 'Cathedral'.

TT Circuit Assen stages a spectacular second Moto3™ win for the Spaniard.

Aron Canet (Estrella Galicia 0,0) has taken a stunning second win of the season at the Motul TT Assen, striking at the final chicane to cross the line just ahead of fellow Championship challenger Romano Fenati (Marinelli Rivacold Snipers). After an incredible ride back through the field after a tough weekend, British Talent Team rider John McPhee completed the podium - making up 16 places from his grid position.



Joan Mir (Leopard Racing) increased his advantage in the Moto3™ title standings once again at the Montmelò, taking a stunning win to go from third to first in the final sector of the last lap – just following the announcement of his move to Moto2™ in 2018. Romano Fenati (Marinelli Rivacold) was another late attacker to take second, with polesitter Jorge Martin (Del Conca Gresini Moto3) completing the podium at home.



We've NEVER seen anything like it! At the second lap, most of moto3 riders crashed due to fluid on track.

Joan Mir win AGAIN the race ahead of Aron Canet and Fabio Di Giannantonio.



No. 6 Honda bikes on top position! First rider is Joan Mir (Leopard Team), Romano Fenati second and Jorge Martin on third position. For the Whole Worldstanding:




Mir: “I didn’t think I could win!”

Mallorcan sets the second consecutive victory of 2017. From the sixth row closes on the highest step of the podium. McPhee (British Talent Team) closes on second place ahead of Martin (Gresini).



Mir, McPhee and Martin: the magnificent three in Moto3 class.

Great performance for HRC getting the first 5 placements with Canet in 4th position and Fenati in 5th.



Interview to DAVIDE BORGHESI, Head - Design&Development  MAHINDRA RACING

Question: Are you satisfied by the just ended season?

Davide Borghesi: “Very satisfied. It is the best season of Mahindra in moto3 class since we participate and moreover it is the first where the bike is fully developed by the new R & D in Besozzo."

Question: What would you change in the Technical Regulation and why?

Davide Borghesi: “I would give more possibility to develop the vehicle, in particular the engine.  Now, we have to do it in the national championships (CEV and CIV), where the bikes are much more competitive than in the Worldchampionship."

Question: Goal for 2017?

Davide Borghesi: “Improve. In the Worldchampionship it won’t be easy because we have an almost complete change of riders. The bike is growing well and our goal is doing good at CEV with Aspar Team and at CIV where we’ll have a lot of competitive teams and the debut of Max Biaggi team."



Brad Binder ends his experience in moto3 class as a dominator and wins the Valencia race.

Bastianini is not on podium but is the second classified in the worldchampionship, while Mir is the best of the rookies. Migno on podium.



Interview to MAURO SANCHINI – Moto3 commentator on SKY Sport MotoGP HD

Question: What do you like of moto3 class?

Mauro Sanchini: “of moto3 class I like the races, always intense and tight. The championship level is very high, both as regards the riders and the teams. Nice to see that the checks work.”

Question: Would you change something in the rules or in the bikes?

Mauro Sanchini: “Honestly I would change the age admission to the moto3 worldchampionship, bringing it to 15 years old. Today’ young-riders are higher than before, they grow quickly and a lot, they have just arrived to the championship and immediately have to change class for weight reasons, just after gaining the necessary experience to win. Moreover, this bikes are used by 15 year old riders in the National championship where the risks are the same.”

Question: Which rider, currently in moto3 class, do you see as a possible champion in motoGP class?

Mauro Sanchini: “I really see many riders that can be the future of motoGP class and, likely, many of them are Italian.

Question: How much do you enjoy doing this job?

Mauro Sanchini: “I really enjoy a lot! It allows me to be part of the race, I become their passenger and I think people feel it during my commentary. I love this job!”



Interview to Danny Aldridge - MotoGP Technical Director

Question: <Ciao Danny, can you describe your job -Technical Director- in few words?>

Danny Aldridge: <Ciao Simona, the easiest way to explain my job is I am the policeman of the paddock, it’s my job to make sure that everyone follows the rules, of course it more in depth than just carryout checks at the end of the race. But this is what makes it so interesting for me. I am also involved in writing the regulations, the funny thing is as soon as the first race of the season starts we are already discussing what we need to change for the next year, it’s an ever evolving sport.>

Question: <What do you think about moto3 class?>

Danny Aldridge: <In my opinion the Moto3 class is a great championship. This is evident from the races that it produces at each event, you only have to look at this year’s race in Mugello, at one point 15 riders crossed the start line within a second of each other. Whenever I talk to friends and people in general about Moto3, I have never heard a negative comment. From our side the organisers, I believe it great that the regulations ensure that the teams are all completing on the same machinery as another team that is with same the manufacturer, from the point of view of  the Dellorto ECU, chassis and engine. This season we are seeing all 3 manufacturers (Honda, KTM, and Mahindra) winning races, meaning that it is all down to not only the rider but also the team to try and get the best out of their package, rather than team with most money buying the best machinery and winning. This is something that we have always been working towards.>

Question: <Is there something that would you change in the worldchampionship rules?>

Danny Aldridge: <Good question! As I said earlier, as soon as one season starts we are already discussing the next year and I would be foolish to say that Moto3 is perfect and nothing needs to change. But what would I change that is really hard to say. As the Moto3 is the feeder class of MotoGP we are always trying to make it more cost efficient for the teams and also the Manufacturers. Of course anything we can do to make the racing more exciting is only going to help everyone with attracting Sponsors, the media, etc. But going back to your question, there is nothing really major that I feels needs to be changed with regards to the technical regulations. As with any rule change it needs to be looked at very carefully, this is why there is a Moto3 working group consisting of the Manufacturers, Dorna, IRTA and myself, where all proposals are discussed. Plus there is a gentleman’s agreement we have with the manufacturers that we will try not make any major rule changes for the next few years. As normally any changes end up costing money in development for the manufacturer!>



Brad Binder wins again!

Very good performance for Andrea Locatelli who reaches the second step of the podium, third Aron Canet. Fear for Enea Bastianini and John McPhee, involved with other two riders (Jorge Navarro e Andrea Migno) in a crash that forced the Race Direction to stop the race (red flag) at 6th lap.



Bastianini won the Japanese Grand Prix with a perfect race.

The Gresini team rider has launched the decisive attack just a few curves from the end, crossing the line ahead of Brad Binder. On the podium the home idol Hiroki Ono who was later disqualified after technical verification.




Interview to Brad Binder - Rider of KTM Ajo Team

Question: <Hi Brad, well done! Have you ever expected to be so competitive for the whole season?>

Brad Binder: <This is for we worked all the preseason. We never expected to achieve so many points at this moment of the season, but we started the year focused to achieve the title. It's been an incredible and unforgettable year.>

Question: <Which rider has been the strongest competitor?>

Brad Binder: <I think this year I didn't have only one strong competitor. Depending of the race the strongest rider had been one or another. Navarro, Bastianini and Pecco Bagnaia were some of the strongest rivals.>

Question: <If you think about the season, which is the race you remember as the best one and why?>

Brad Binder: <For me the best race was in Jerez. It was really special, it was my first win and I started from the last position, 35th! I could not expect more!>

Question: <this World title is dedicated to…?>

Brad Binder: <This title is dedicated to family, that has been supporting me always and to my team. The Red Bull KTM Ajo is amazing, I really enjoy every day I'm in the paddock with them and they made an incredible job. Also to all my fans that sent me messages race after race.>

Interview to Christian Korntner - KTM AG ProjectLeader (moto3)

Question: < Hi Christian, good job for KTM! Congratulations! Have you ever expected, at the beginning of the season, that Brad and Team Ajo could have won the Worldchampionship at Aragon?>

Christian Korntner: <Ciao Simona! What a special season! We counted on Brad in being a big player in the battle and on Team Red Bull KTM Ajo in being  one of the most competitive Moto3  teams, but nobody could have expected they dominate like they did. Since the beginning of Moto3 we never had the situation of winning the championship already after Aragon GP, when still four races to go!>

Question: <Plans for the future in moto3?>

Christian Korntner: <Our future plan in Moto3 isn´t affected at all by the title. KTM wants to keep the level of Moto3 as high as possible and we therefore will work hard and never give up improving the performance.>

Question: <Has Moto3 experience been helpful for your Motogp project?>

Christian Korntner: <Indeed, there are some benefits of experience and know-how transmitted from Moto3 to MotoGP project. Especially in terms of knowledge of people who made their experience in Moto3 what can be fully applied for the “big project”.>



Brad Binder has won a stunning two-man tactical duel with Enea Bastianini at Misano World Circuit, with Leopard Racing rider Joan Mir completing the podium after a storming ride for the rookie from P16 on the grid.



Brad Binder won the SilerstoneGP.

Francesco Bagnaia, after a wonderful race arrived second. On the podium, at the third step, Bo Bendsneyder (great performance for Team Red Bull Ajo). The race has lived on continuous changes that have also seen protagonists Stefano Manzi, Nicolò Bulega,Fabio Di Giannantonio, Niccolò Antonelli and Enea Bastianini, who finished in that order from fourth to eighth position.



The Malaysian rider prevails on the wet, winning ahead of the two Italians.

Pawi (Idemitsu Team Asia) on the podium with Locatelli (Leopard) and Bastianini (Gresini). Very good Di Giannantonio ending the race in fifth position, tenth Bagnaia and eighteenth Fenati. Out Bulega and Migno .



DutchGP: win Bagnaia and Mahindra Team!!!

First success in career for Pecco, ahead of 4 italian riders; beating in the final sprint Di Giannantonio, Migno (moved back of one position), Fenati and Antonelli.



First victory in his career for Navarro! Second place for Binder ahead of the Team Gresini’s rider.

Fourth place for Fenati and fifth for Bulega.



Beautiful and fought as usual the Moto3 race in scene at Mugello.

Third consecutive first step of podium for Brad Binder, followed by Di Giannantonio -Team Gresini- and Bagnaia -Team Aspar Mahindra- at the third place . Great recovery for Antonelli, bad Fenati.



Binder bags back-to-back wins after race long brawl.

A tense four-rider battle raged for the entirety of the French GP, Binder coming out on top with Fenati and Navarro settling for the podium.



Great performance for Brad Binder, Red Bull KTM Ajo’ rider who won in Jerez starting from the last position.

Incredible race for Nicolò Bulega also, starting from the pole position. Bagnaia third, followed by Navarro at the fourth place.



Amazing win for the VR46 rider Romano Fenati , arrived ahead Navarro and Binder.

Fifth position to Localli, sixth Bastianini and tenth position to Bulega. Crash for Antonelli after a great recovery from
thirtieth to seventh position.



In just his third World Championship race, Khairul Idham Pawi charges to an unbelievable victory in the Argentina GP.

On Podium Navarro and Binder, bad results for Fenati and Bastianini



Overcoming injury and illness, Niccolo Antonelli starts his 2016 campaign with a hard fought victory in Qatar.

Second Brad Binder and follows Francesco BAGNAIA, Romano FENATI, Enea BASTIANINI, Nicolo BULEGA…